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Do your own interior design with your iPad? Caution!

You may have noticed that there’s a plethora of visual media which can be used by you, the consumer, to help you become your own interior designer. Sites such as Pinterest (create boards of photographs from anywhere on the web, pinch ideas from other “piners”, become obsessed with pinning pictures of gorgeous interiors – I’ve […]

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Top 10 hotels I have stayed in

1.  Emerson & Green, Zanzibar No place captured the magic of Zanzibar like this hotel.  My first “exotic” holiday, to far-off Zanzibar, land of spices and colours and, well, African-ness (this was in the 80s, before mass tourism had hit).  I remember carved four-posters, wafting sari-like fabrics and glorious meals of straight-from-the-ocean seafood on the […]

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