Contemporary Classical Apartment

Bespoke Interior Design

Contemporary Classical Apartment

Interior Design, Brighton Seafront

With such spectacular sea views to work with, we wanted to keep things simple here, marrying classic materials such as marble with a clean monochrome palette. We used deep greys to frame the view in the spacious living room, combining modern classical furniture (a coveted sofa, a marble tulip table) with 1920s finds and a considered collection of black and white photography.

The kitchen continues the minimalist feel, with open shelves and reflective units to maximise the sense of space.

The bedroom is a true sanctuary where a wall of white curtains, softly lit cube tables and vintage metal pieces all add to the calming environment; a lovely space in which to sleep.

As with so much of our work, we paid special attention to storage, so important in an apartment where the sense of space and peace is such a joy. We carved out a dressing room for a multitude of storage needs, and tucked floor-to-ceiling cupboards into tight spaces so that there is always somewhere to put everything.

A beautiful living space with a beautiful vista.

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Sourced things that I wouldn’t know how to find

“I had no idea how to go about decorating this apartment but I knew I wanted to highlight the views, and I didn’t want a traditional look, or anything too stark and modern, The design solution Cathy came up with was a lovely mix of styles that just seems to work, and she sourced things that I wouldn’t know how to find. We love it here.”

Ms S, Brighton


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