How to find the perfect interior designer for you

There are many interior designers and interior design companies in London, and they all have different ways of working. So how do you choose the right one for your project? Here are my five steps to finding your perfect match. Look out the designer’s portfolio An interior design portfolio will give you an overview of a designer’s style and what…

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Introduction to Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior design is the process of enhancing the interior of a home to achieve a practical and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Interior designers are the people who plan, research, coordinate, and manage these projects. The Residential Interior Design Process Research and planning Your interior designer or interior design company will talk to local…

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Houzz - Home Office

Houzz acclaims this ingenious home office

A little bit of Cathy Phillips-ness in west London has spread overseas again, with one of my home office designs being featured on Houzz. In Swedish! It’s a real honour as I’m a huge fan of this world-leading interiors portal, as well as Scandinavian design. I think this accolade highlights William Morris’s words: “Have nothing in your house that you…

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East Battersea Interior Design

Spotlight on brilliant East Battersea Interior Design

Every day as I drift down to my interior design studio in SW8, I marvel at the exciting developments going up everywhere… This is an exciting place to be, with the River Thames and beautiful Battersea Park nearby, and fantastic transport links. The Northern Line Extension to Battersea Power Station opens in 2020 and there’s already a new river bus…

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Chloe Alberry

Easy home update: the transforming power of knobs and handles

I’ve never really known how to refer collectively to knobs and handles. “Knobs and knockers” always makes people giggle. There used to be a shop with that name in Kensington; I was entertained, too, every time I went past Hinge & Bracket in Brighton! Small things, big impact Knobs and handles can quickly update and transform furniture and doors, and…

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Cathy Phillips ecofriendly interior design

Eco-conscious interior design: 10 tips for an eco-friendly home

Many of us are aware of the problems of waste, and recycling our rubbish has become second nature. But could we do more at home to help look after the planet? As an interior designer based in West London I’m passionate about designing healthier, more sustainable places to live and work in – here my suggestions for making your rooms…

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A month in the life of an interior designer

There’s lots more to being an interior designer than creating fabulous-looking homes. Cathy Phillips gives a snapshot of a typical month working for her interior design business in Battersea. My working life is incredibly varied as it encompasses so many different types of projects and places. I could be meeting new clients and preparing sketches and mood boards, or out…

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Interior shops Battersea

Best interiors shops in SW8 and SW11

When it comes to finding stylish home décor, Cathy Phillips knows all the hidden homeware treasure spots in London. Here she shares her pick of the best places to shop in Battersea. Battersea, that large and prosperous area in South West London, is as rich in interior design shops as it is in cafés and funky bars. Step away from…

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North Kensington interior Design

Find great things for your home in Shepherds Bush and North Kensington

Want to know where to pick up amazing things for your home? Ask an Interior Designer! Cathy Phillips, opens her little black book to reveal her favourite stores in Shepherds Bush and North Kensington. Often considered poor relations to Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush and North Kensington have much to recommend them. Anyone who has a postcode of W12, W10 or…

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Sunny interior - Cathy Phillips

New perspectives – a sunny interior all year round

As autumn approaches, our homes can start to feel dark and drab. So, now is the time to transform your rooms into fresh, bright, cheerful living spaces. Let Cathy inspire you with her interior design advice. The end of summer (sigh!) brings new perspectives for many of us, including a desire to make your home a nicer, brighter, lovelier place…

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