Create your dream bedroom with interior design advice from Cathy Phillips

Bedroom interior designPlanning to revamp your bedroom? Let Cathy Phillips guide you through her most important interior design principles for creating a stylish and comfortable sleep space.

As a professional interior designer, I understand the essential elements that make a bedroom welcoming and relaxing. Here are my seven key rules for designing and decorating a beautiful bedroom.

1. Clutter free

A cluttered bedroom isn’t conducive to rest and relaxation. Excess furniture and belongings will make the room look and feel cramped and overcrowded. So, clear the clutter to give your bedroom a more tranquil atmosphere and create the illusion of more space, by choosing streamlined furniture with sleek lines.

2. Hidden storage

Where possible store everything out of sight; this will make the room calmer and roomier. Consider having made-to-measure built-in wardrobes. Bespoke fitted furniture will maximise the available space and can be customised to neatly organise all your clothes and belongings and conceal wires, cables and other distractions too. If you have the room, an ottoman can provide storage for bed linen while doubling up as a useful seat or table. If you can’t hide everything away, put items in attractive lidded containers like wicker baskets or wooden boxes. Also, choose bedside tables with drawers or a door where you can keep essentials within reach but out of sight.

3. Layered lighting

Introduce multiple sources of light to create a layered effect. Think about how you use the space and choose lighting to suit different tasks, such as reading or getting dressed; or to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. If your bedside tables don’t have enough room for table lamps, free up the space and go for wall lights next to your bed instead.

Interior bedroom design4. Feel-good flooring

The right flooring can make a big difference to the overall mood of your bedroom. Carpet provides comfort and luxury, especially if you like to sink your toes into something soft and warm on a cold morning. If you love the look of bare wooden floorboards though, choose a soft rug and place it where you’re most likely to stand.

4. Blissful bed

The main focal in a bedroom is the bed. It’s the biggest item in the room and everything is arranged around it. So, when decorating your room, remember the style of your bed, the headboard and bedding will set the style for the whole room. An attractive headboard can make a real statement. If you’re someone who likes to read or watch TV in bed, choose an upholstered headboard for extra comfort. You could have one tailormade in any fabric.

Bedroom interior design5. Colour choice

Your bedroom should reflect your personal style. You might want to create an exotic retreat with rich, jewel-like shades and opulent patterns and textures. Or perhaps your dream bedroom is a dark, cosy intimate space in deep tones, or a soothing sanctuary in a palette of serene colours like soft greens and blues. For a timeless appeal you can’t beat a neutral scheme of muted monochrome tones. Or if you like to update your style regularly in line with the trends or seasons, stick to a clean fresh white backdrop that you can refresh easily with different colour bed linen, cushions, artwork and rugs.

bedroom interior design advice6. Add accessories

Bed linen and soft furnishings provide an opportunity to add colour, comfort, pattern and texture. Choose fabrics and materials you love. Then add further interest to your bedroom scheme with a few well-chosen decorative items, such as artwork and photographs that mean the most to you; and a houseplant, that will also help to purify the air and bring a natural mood-boosting element into the room.

7. Window dressing

Your bedroom window treatment shouldn’t just look beautiful and complement your scheme, it also needs to keep out early morning sun or any street light. So, do invest in blackout blinds or blackout linings for curtains. If you love sheer curtains that filter light, combine them with opaque blinds that can be pulled down to maintain privacy at night and to block morning light.

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