How to create a harmonious interior

I have a very precise, but charming, client who calls the creative side of what I do “harmonising”.  Interesting word.  Look at an interior that’s been designed by a professional and what is the overall impression – yes, it is one of harmony.  Whether it’s one room where all the colours and textures just seem to, well, “work” with each other, or a whole house where each room seamlessly blend into the next – that’s harmony.

The reason for this is that we plan.  It’s not just about “having a good eye” and putting a load of nice things together.  It’s about holding back until every detail is finalised.

Plan the structure, plan the colourways, plan the furniture, plan the details. Put them all together (on paper, I mean. Or in a computer programme if you like).

Leave them alone to meld.  Come back. Take a deep breath and ask yourself whether you really, really like every single thing you see.

Re-evaluate.  Start again, or in the middle, or near the end. You’ll get there.

Oh and somewhere along the way, throw away all those magazine tears / Pinterest boards of “interiors that inspire me”. Those are someone else’s home.  Your home is your home. Design it to be yours, and it will harmonise, and you will love it and love living in it.

If you missed my blog about mood boards, you’ve missed the beginning bit, so go there first.

If this all sounds exhausting, and you can afford it, we’ll do it all for you of course