New perspectives – a sunny interior all year round

Cathy Phillips - moodboard2As autumn approaches, our homes can start to feel dark and drab. So, now is the time to transform your rooms into fresh, bright, cheerful living spaces. Let Cathy inspire you with her interior design advice.

The end of summer (sigh!) brings new perspectives for many of us, including a desire to make your home a nicer, brighter, lovelier place to be… whether for ourselves; or someone else if you plan to put it on the market.

You don’t have to start knocking down walls and digging into basements though. A fresh perspective can simply mean a vibrant new colour scheme, from wall paint and cushions to the flowers in your vases. And it’s something you can do gradually with minimal fuss and disruption.

Bringing the sunshine in

Cathy Phillips - moodboardI’m going to run through the highlights of an interior design project I completed earlier this year in Battersea, London SW11, as an example.

The apartment was light but rather bland. The owner hadn’t decided whether to stay or sell, but either way she wanted to bring in the sunshine. In fact, she walked towards me holding a vase of daffodils and said: “I want to walk in to my home and feel exactly as I feel when I look at these flowers”. From then on, it was plain sailing.

Spring colours create a feeling of happiness

We put together a palette of sunshine yellow, duck egg blue and fresh green to bring spring tones into the rooms. Walls were painted fresh primrose yellow in the living room, duck egg in the spare bedroom and the end wall of the hall a dark stylish woody green and bounced light around with careful placement of mirrors.

We retained most of the furniture, painting some pieces to lighten the dark heavy wood, and also added a few new white pieces. Accessories, such as cushions, were matched to the colour palette – predominantly yellow in the living room, green in the main bedroom and duck egg blue in the spare bedroom. Curtains were kept pale and light to allow the sunshine in.

Now the apartment looks and feels fresh and bright, and the overall effect is beautifully harmonious. This is one of the advantages of using an interior designer – we create a vision for the whole home, rather than treating each room separately which can result in a patchwork look.

How to add colour and harmony to your home

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Until next time, do enjoy the end of summer and remember to bring some of the sunshine back inside!

Love to bring a fresh new perspective to your home?

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