Our Services

Our Services

We are bespoke interior designers with passion and a wealth of experience in transforming a wide range of homes, from spacious historic houses to compact newbuild studios.

Also of importance to you, we are highly experienced in managing the construction stages of property refurbishment and transformation projects.

These specialist skills combined with our team of trusted and experienced contractors means we are pretty adept at performing miracles! So here’s what we do:

Bespoke interior design

At Cathy Phillips & Co we offer a variety of bespoke interior design services, covering every stage from concepts to completion. We can provide exactly the type and level of service you require, whether it’s working with architects and builders on a renovation project; assisting property developers; or simply offering styling and sourcing advice.

Working collaboratively with architects, surveyors and builders – We can bring valuable interior design and liaison skills to your project.

London Interior Design Service for property developers – We can add to the value of your investment with our specialist skills

Interior Design and Styling Consultation Service We can help you create the most beautiful and functional space

Property refurbishments

Redesigning, remodelling, rethinking and revisualising your home.

Turnkey interior design

As your turnkey interior design company we can transform a new or newly purchased living space, managing the entire project in your absence.

Space planning and storage solutions

Lack of storage is a common problem in many homes. Older properties are often ill-equipped for modern life and new-builds rarely have enough useful storage space. In fact, most homes could benefit from more and better storage, whether it’s for toys, shoes, memorabilia, bed linen or cleaning equipment.

Project management

We can plot, budget, schedule and oversee from initial consultation to completion … including managing all trades and contractors working on the site.

Home Interior sourcing

Hunting down anything from sofas to saucepans, art to vintage items or antiques (both passions of ours, incidentally), craftsmen to candles.

Our services