West London calling – an interior designer’s guide

The more I work on homes in different parts of London, the more fascinated I become about the differences in property types as well as the “feel’ of the neighbourhood. Here are some of my observations…

W1 to W14

I am really familiar with West London and love working on those big Victorian houses you get in leafy places like Ealing (W5 and W13). Because this is very much a family area (green spaces, good schools), the houses are largely unconverted, so there are plenty of options for buying a family home here, and the gardens are often nice and large.

Interior designer West LondonChild-friendly living in West London

I’m currently working for a lovely couple in Ealing who need to update their home to meet the growing needs of their children. The house has a sweeping hall that can handle dark colours (we’ve painted the hallway in shades of grey) and added a funky stair runner (have a look at www.hartleytissier.com for inspiration). The living room is being made child-friendly with chunky beanbags, ample storage and no sharp corners. I can’t wait to get started on the children’s rooms!

Elegant apartments in Notting Hill

A very different West London is found in Notting Hill (W11), with its beautiful stucco properties, many of which are converted into fabulous lateral apartments. I’ve seen some wonderful conversions and some that are less successful (architects really do come in to their own here, and needn’t be prohibitively expensive).

Kitchen and bathroom design is key when space is limited and when the kitchen is often open to the living room. I’m a fan of streamlined, handle-less kitchens and it’s a style I come back to time and time again.

High life in East London

Moving east, I’ve been lucky enough to work on a development in Canary Wharf (E14), which of course has a very different skyline with lovely shapes, formed by the tower blocks and of course the river. In fact I took the river as my inspiration for this apartment, which has views to die for, creating a sleek lock-up-and-leave home for my international clients who needed this weekend penthouse transformed while they were abroad.

Interior designer BatterseaBased in buzzy Battersea

Then of course there’s my home ground, brilliant Battersea (SW8 and SW11). This has a great mix of properties here of residential towers, family homes, mansion blocks and stunning new developments like Battersea Power Station, which is looking really interesting.

In SW8 I’m putting the finishing touches to a 2-bed that was once a 1-bed. We’ve carved out two bedrooms and decorated them in cool neutrals to maximise the sense of space. The new living room is now, as my client says, “Sunny!” It’s painted yellow and old furniture has been restored and painted in tones of grey and we’ve cleared the windows of voluminous curtains to let in the light. All the room will need for a finishing touch is armfuls of daffodils!

There are other parts of London I’ve loved working in too of course. But these areas are the ones I know and love, and I keep returning to them as if the houses and apartments are calling.

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